The importance of fitting appropriate playground safety surfacing is paramount in the reduction of specific injuries caused from falls. It is also vitally important to ensure your safety surfacing reaches the current safety regulations, including the correct impact absorbency, which is vital in the prevention of serious head injuries to children. 

Our convenient and portable testing equipment can be used to analysis all types of playground safety surfacing, including that already fitted around your current playground equipment. This ensures your surfacing is still performing as it is intended to do. It is also vital to have safety surfacing impact testing following the installation of any new play equipment, and subsequent checks annually.

Appropriate safety checks of your playground surfacing, including surfacing of specific play equipment, will provide you with peace of mind that your surfacing is fit for purpose, in good condition and most importantly, safe! You will also know that you have taken the necessary action to keep it that way.

What the surface impact test provides:

  • Impact absorbency tests of surfaces to make sure it conforms to the current European standards
  • A clear report showing date and time with a pass or fail at the correct free fall height
  • An indication to whether older surfacing is still fit for purpose
  • Peace of mind that the surfacing surrounding your play equipment is suitable and safe for children to use
  • A record of the Head Injury Criteria (HIC) readings on safety surfacing as required in the EN1176/7 standards

Please contact Living Timber for comprehensive rates on our safety surfacing impact testing. This can be factored into other playground safety checks, or conducted independently. 

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