Children love their own space and a purpose built timber playhouse can offer them just that. Playhouses can be designed to suit all ages and key stages.

The outdoor classroom is a world full of opportunities for learning, creating and exploring. Children need opportunities to experiment, discover, challenge, practise, explore, sing, shout, create and push their limits. Outdoor play, timber playhouses and equipment ensure all children can experience these opportunities, enabling them to learn lots of amazing and exciting things about the world.

A timberplay house will encourage teachers to take more of the learning outside of the classroom. When planned and implemented well, learning outside contributes significantly to raising standards and improving pupil's personal, social and emotional development.

Having the right resources will ensure that teachers curriculum planning can include sufficient well-structured opportunities for all pupils to engage in learning outside the classroom as a key integrated element of their experiences. 

Living Timber can design playhouses in all shapes and sizes to suit individual requirements and budgets. They can be fitted with or without bespoke timber furniture.

Planters and decking add an additional dimension to playhouses.

Playhouses can become a shop, library, fire station... the sky's the limit!  What would you turn yours into? 

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