Eco Friendly Timber Briquettes

Living Timber make and sell wood briquettes produced from their waste timber products usually destined for landfill. Living Timber shred the majority of their waste wood then mechanically presses the chippings to make compressed bio-wood or eco-log briquettes. These are a highly efficient and clean energy source.

Benefits of choosing waste wood briquettes over coal or logs…

  • Eco-friendly biomass fuel reduces CO2 emissions and supports the drive towards climate change
  • Biomass incineration helps to reduce overall greenhouse and acidic gas emissions
  • Making and burning briquettes decreases the need for fossil fuels and the destruction of forest for burning
  • Making and burning briquettes decreases waste products going to landfill and supports the need of an environmental clean-up
  • Briquetting results in a final product that has a far lower moisture content that logs
  • Briquettes burn hotter and for longer than logs, with very little remaining ash

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  • £4.00 per 10kg bag
  • £3.75 for 10 bags or more
  • Subsequent orders receive 25p off each 10kg bag when you reuse your old bags

* Collection from Manston area, Kent - Local delivery available for a small charge.

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